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the 2020 reissue of the Speed King by Ludwig has arrived.  this newest version is a close approximation of the original classic Speed King pedal—however, exhibits both old and new issues with the design, parts quality, assembly, adjustment and refinishing.  all of these issues can be fixed.  the service structure and pricing for the L-203 is currently the same as service for L-201 Speed King pedals.

“ORIGINAL” service is new.  it is a basic restoration (no mods) for both L-203 & L-201 Speed Kings.  current costs is $50 with a wait time of 1–2 weeks.

“STANDARD” service is currently turning around in 4–6 weeks;  “RELIC” & “SUPER” service in 10–12 weeks.  as always, i am working diligently to complete the high-level services while maintaining extremely high standards. 

- Vincent (owner/operator, VITALIZER DRUMS)

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