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Ludwig Speed King restoration service

Ludwig Speed King restoration service

  • $ 10000

VITALIZER DRUMS is proud to offer professional restoration service for your vintage Ludwig or WFL Chicago Speed King pedal or modern Ludwig Monroe Speed King pedal (model #: L-201). 

all pedals are meticulously restored with respect given to preserving original, factory condition while also implementing practical modifications to allow for reliable contemporary use.

once you place your restoration order you will be contacted with your reference # and address to ship your pedal.

if you have any questions about a past, current or future service pedal or have any special requests please contact Vincent directly at: (443) 880-5789 or

restoration & modifications only (no refinishing)

restoration, modifications, cleaning & polishing

restoration, modifications, cleaning, polishing & powdercoating

you tell me!

how the process works:
1. you add the desired service(s) to the cart and complete checkout
2. you ship your Speed King pedal(s) to us
3. we do the selected restoration service to your pedal
4. we ship your restored pedal back to you

current turnaround time:
10–12 weeks*

complete respectful disassembly & inspection.  variation and build date determined.  removal of 100% of old grease, goo, crust, grime & slime.  original ludwig ball bearings cleaned in a heated ultrasonic cleaner with polyphonic’s proprietary solution.  selected parts reshaped, modified, repaired or replaced (as necessary).  internal parts tumble blasted.  all threads chased and lubricated for easy adjustment.  final inspection of all parts. lubrication with synthetic teflon-based grease.  reassembly, adjustment, tuning & play testing.  finished pedals are metal stamped with the pedal #, date restored & variation. 
the following proprietary modifications eliminate all side-to-side movement & all metal-to-metal contact greatly reducing squeaks & rattles while mitigating existing wear and damage:
+ mod #01; heel-plate rod
+ mod #02; rocker rod & link
+ mod #03; link to footboard
+ mod #04; floorplate to tower
footboard, rocker, link, toe clamp, grease caps, spring-adjustment screws, t-screws, flat spring &  heel-plate washer polished to a mirror finish.  tower and floorplate finished with an ultra-durable color and gloss matched powder coated finish (“SUPER” only)

your satisfaction and your pedal are guaranteed for life!

all pedals restored by  VITALIZER DRUMS as well as all pedals restored in the past by Jesse of DrumMechanix are guaranteed for life. we offer email & phone support. if you ever have a problem with your pedal, we will fix it for free! if you’re ever not satisfied with your pedal we will buy it back. customer pays all shipping costs. restocking fee may apply. 
a note on parts:
in certain instances, reproduction parts are used to improve the performance and durability of a pedal. all service rates are for a complete pedal with no
missing or badly damaged parts. we have original Speed King parts from every era in stock and available upon request. additional parts may be required to properly complete a restoration. in these instances, the restoration customer is responsible for the costs of these parts*. parts are discounted for restoration customers. if you’re not sure if your pedal needs parts, please contact me directly. 

* this time estimate is approximate and actual time may be longer or shorter depending on individual circumstances
* you will be notified of any additional cost before proceeding