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VITALIZER DRUMS is a vintage drum repair & restoration workshop based in Pocomoke City, Maryland specializing in professional restoration, rebuilding, repairs and parts for all eras and variations of Ludwig Speed King bass drum pedals.

in addition to the Speed King we also frequently work with the following pedals:
+ Ludwig Speedmaster
+ Camco
5000 & variations (Gretsch Floating Action, early DW, etc.)
+ Rogers Swiv-o-matic
+ Slingerland Tempo King
+ Ghost
(all generations)

as well as other domestic and foreign pedals including (but not limited to):
+ Ludwig (other: Standard, Junior, early, etc.)
+ Slingerland
Yellow Jacket & variations (Magnum)
+ Slingerland (other: AA, HH, Epic, Krupa, etc.) 
+ Rogers (other: Supreme, Rocket)
+ Asba
+ Tama King-beat & variations (Imperialstar)
+ Sonor
+ Trixon
+ many more!