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i am happy to report that after many setbacks and delays i am caught up on backorders and catching up on the queue of customer send in pedals.  many products and parts are back in stock now and i will be working diligently to keep it that way.

2019 has been one of my most challenging years for many reasons but i am committed to continuing the journey and providing respectful restorations for Speed King pedals.  VITALIZER is all about attention to detail and my aim is to continue to improve all aspects of the restoration process.  i am also continuing to work on prototypes for other pedals and hi-hat stands, some of which will be available very soon.

i am very excited to attend the 24th annual Pennsylvania Vintage Drum Show on Saturday, October 19th in Selinsgrove, PA.  i will be bringing some cool pedals to exhibit and hope to see you there!

if you'd like to discuss any past, present or future order: please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.  i can not guarantee a response through any other method of communication.

- vincent (owner, VITALIZER DRUMS)


a particularly awesome drum show season has ended!  i am currently back at the shop in Pocomoke City, MD and starting the process of catching up on backorders.  if you are waiting for something to be shipped or completed—you have not been forgotten!  i am, however, very behind schedule.  as a single person handling all aspects of this business, i am both humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and interest in the restoration service.  i am also very, very, very thankful to my customers who have been and currently are patiently waiting; you are the reason i am able to do these restorations with such a high level of attention to detail. 

i am currently looking for people who are interested in learning the "STANDARD" Speed King restoration process.  this is a very meticulous and thorough process that i have been working on almost exclusively since 2014.  my predecessor, Jesse Carraway of DrumMechanix, worked on the process for many more years prior to his retirement in 2015.  the ideal candidate will have access to good tools, a mechanical aptitude and at least 10 hours per week to dedicate to restoration.  the work is often frustrating and always greasy.  it is not the fastest way to get rich but, it can be profitable and rewarding in many ways.  if you are interested please contact me directly by phone or email only.  i am not quitting anytime soon!  however, if i am able to find a good candidate then i can begin referring work to them to improve efficiency and decrease the wait time.  in the meantime, i have reputable restorers i can refer to in Canada & Australia by request.

if you'd like to discuss any past, present or future order: please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.  i can not guarantee a response through any other method of communication.

- vincent (owner, VITALIZER DRUMS)


the Chicago Drum Show is looming!  increased demand combined with the constraints of traveling during drum show season means the current wait time is going to be increased and some products may be backordered.  there are still pedals in stock and ready to ship available here on the site and i will be working to maintain that.  i will also be bringing some "2nd" pedals to the shows to be sold at discounted prices.

i am currently booked through 06/01/19.  however, if you order a product or service you will be placed onto a waitlist that i will start tackling as soon as i get back in and settled after the Chicago Drum Show which takes place on May 18th & 19th.  i really appreciate everyone's support and patience.  if you have any questions about a past, current or future order please feel free to contact me directly at (443) 880-5789.

parts orders may be delayed during this time period—please be patient.

- vincent (owner, VITALIZER DRUMS)


the Delaware Drum Show was a great experience!  with an especially large haul of Speed King loot in tow—i'm back in the workshop and catching up on pedals sent in by my very patient and valued customers.  i'm also aiming to increase the inventory of completed pedals available for sale here on the website.  as well as working on several long-term and short-term projects including some new prototypes.

VITALIZER DRUMS will be exhibiting at the Connecticut Drum Show on Sunday April 14th followed by the Covington Rogers USA Homecoming Show on Saturday April 27th.  both of these shows should be really fun and everyone who cares about drums should come out!  feel free to bring your Speed King to my booth for a free checkup and adjustment.

- vincent (owner, VITALIZER DRUMS)