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i have been working on the concept of “STANDARD” restoration for many years and now is the time to make the push.  “STANDARD” pedals are the same as their “RELIC” & “SUPER” counterparts but with NO refinishing! original paint, original patina, original dust & spiders around the toe clamp!

all “STANDARD” pedals have received the restoration & modification processes outlined here on the website.  i can currently produce these in as little as 1-1/2 hours—this allows me to produce more pedals and charge less for them.  for a likely very limited time, these will be sold here on the website at a flat $175; this was the price of Jesse’s DrumMechanix pedals circa 2015.  these are currently in stock with no wait.  you can also find specifically numbered pedals on Reverb for $200 & a quantity auction on eBay for $225 (may require 2–7 day wait). 

2019 has been one of my most challenging years for many personal & professional reasons but i am committed to providing ongoing respectful restorations, modifications & maintenance for Speed King pedals.  VITALIZER is all about attention to detail and my aim is continual quality improvement for every aspect of the restoration process.  i am also continuing to work on prototypes for other pedals and hi-hat stands, some of which will be available for sale very soon.

if you'd like to discuss any past, present or future order: please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.  i can not guarantee a response through any other method of communication.

- vincent (owner/operator, VITALIZER DRUMS)