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in anticipation of the arrival of the new “reissue” Ludwig Speed King pedals (L-203) that will be produced in Taiwan beginning in 2020—we have restructured the pricing for our restored vintage “original” WFL & Ludwig Speed King pedals (L-201) which were produced in Chicago, IL from 1937–1984.

“STANDARD” pedals will now be $175 and include a brand new generic felt beater; “RELIC” pedals will now be $250 and include an authentic Chicago Ludwig felt beater & “SUPER” pedals will now be $325 and include either a brand new authentic modern Monroe Ludwig felt, wood or wool beater or an authentic Chicago Ludwig felt beater. 

pricing for service is $100, $150 & $200 respectively.  however, due to increasing demand the wait time may be long.  i will do my best to get all “STANDARD” service items out the door quickly. 

“SUPER” pedals are professionally powdercoated in house and can now be ordered in any color (may be subject to additional wait time or cost).

- Vincent (owner/operator, VITALIZER DRUMS)