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mid–late 60’s “RELIC” Ludwig Speed King pedal

  • $ 25750


a mid 60’s “RELIC” Ludwig Speed King pedal 

VITALIZER reproduction connecting link & NOS 80’s rocker

original paint is in above average condition considering age.  no wear on footboard.  plated parts are in very good condition.

shown with modern Monroe wool beater; other beaters available 

100% era correct original Ludwig pedal produced in Chicago, IL between 1966–1968.


all pedals are meticulously restored with respect given to preserving original, factory condition while also implementing proprietary modifications which eliminate all side-to-side movement, metal-to-metal contact, squeaks, rattles, knocks and other noise to allow for reliable contemporary use.  
"RELIC" Speed King pedals receive restoration; extensive cleaning; proprietary modifications; respectful paint preservation & true mirror polishing of the footboard, grease caps, rocker, link, toe clamp, t-screws, spring adjustment screws, heel plate rod & heel plate washer.
your pedal and your satisfaction are guaranteed for life!
all pedals restored by VITALIZER DRUMS as well as all pedals restored in the past by Jesse of DrumMechanix are guaranteed for life.  we offer email & phone support.  if you ever have a problem with your pedal, we will fix it for free.  if you’re ever not satisfied with your pedal, we will buy it back*.

* restocking fee may apply